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Joe Gilbert, LPC

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Quote of the Week:

“See yourself in others

Then whom can you hurt?

What harm can you do?”

— The Buddha


American Counseling Association Member


Welcome to Gilbert Counseling

If you have found yourself on this site, you have already taken a big step toward growth and wellness. Joe is deeply honored to walk with people who have found the courage to ask for help during difficult times. 

What You Can Expect

All of us experience suffering. It’s part of being human. Maybe you’ve just gone through a difficult breakup or divorce. Perhaps you or a loved one are struggling to quit drinking or using pills. Many people lose animal companions and are not given a safe place to heal from such a difficult loss. Maybe you are one of the millions who struggle getting out of bed in the morning, thinking “I hate my job. How am I going to do this again today?” You could be experiencing self-doubt, anger, restlessness, boredom, jealousy or intense cravings for life to be different than the way it is. Joe has worked with people going through these and many other forms of suffering, and he has been able to help. 

Joe will do his best to alleviate any anxiety you may have about the counseling process. It’s quite normal to feel anxious about starting counseling, especially before your first session. What Joe has found is that most people feel a lot better in both body and mind after their first session. Know that Joe will meet you before every session with a smile (and hot tea, if you’d like). 

The first phase of counseling focuses on establishing a good working relationship with your counselor. At Gilbert Counseling, Joe will provide a warm, safe, and supportive environment where you will be able to pause, reflect, and identify your goals. You will also learn mindfulness skills to practice before you leave your first session. 

The second phase of counseling involves identifying the best counseling or therapy approach for you. In this phase, Joe will also begin to guide you in relaxation and self-regulation techniques, so that you will be better able to handle stress as it arises both inside and outside the counseling office.

The third phase of counseling is where you will learn how to reframe old patterns of thinking that are causing you pain. Life circumstances that used to stress you out will no longer affect you the way they have in the past, because you will have enough tools at this point to choose different, healthy responses. This is the phase when we begin to view obstacles as stepping stones to continued growth.

The fourth and final phase of counseling is perhaps the most exciting. This is when you will really start to see your unique gifts and strengths, and you will begin to notice more joy on a regular basis. Many people begin to redefine themselves in this stage. You will be less inclined to make decisions out of fear, doubt, or anger. Growth, connection, and good purpose become the default in the final phase for many people.  

Joe finds his counseling practice to be incredibly rewarding while also being challenging. He honestly cannot see himself serving people in any other way at this point in his life. Thank you for reading over this information. Taking the time to find a counselor who you are comfortable with is an important step. If this message resonates with you, or if you have any questions, please contact Joe for a free 20-minute consultation.